After discovering, to my amazement, that I had posted the 3000th(!) comment on graphic design guru David Airey‘s blog, I realized that I have a long way to go with my own, humble fledgeling blog. As well, it showed, once again, that there is always room for constructive criticism, and despite my many years of working experience, I could always learn something. One should humbly accept others’ views and gracefully decide what action to take, if any. Almost Zen-ish of me, isn’t it?  *smile*


Web design expert Vincent Flanders shows you how NOT to design a web site.


If you are a web designer or just have a web site you’re using, there usually comes a time when you might ask yourself: “does my web site work,” or, as California-based web design guru Vincent Flanders would put it, “does my site suck?” I remember coming across his very entertaining site as long ago as 1997, and coming away with a great deal of knowledge as a result of his lampooning scrutiny.

In my case, I learned about what didn’t work and why. Vincent does this with a fair amount of acerbic, often politically-incorrect, humour and he sure doesn’t mince his words! Although you’re unlikely to get him to do a personal critique of your site, he does offer a handy checklist that you can use to assess your own chef-d’oeuvre, and decide for yourself… privately and without fear of public humiliation!

Looking for a way to improve your site, or just interested in finding out where you stand in the eyes of one of webdom’s design mavens? Then visit this site for some useful and often amusing insight.